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Our mission is Enhancing human capability and ensuring wellbeing using technology, knowledge transfer, empowerment and collective process.. Jaljeevika envisages to create an equal, gender-just, ecologically balanced, and sustainable community through creating knowledge and institutions. They are building a collaborative system to utilize the power of data for empowering the farming community. Jaljeevika InfoTech is intended to build a collaborative platform to install value of integrated aquaculture models, building sustainable value chain for growth of rural economy, empowering micro entrepreneurs and scaling impact through data analytic supported decision-making system.

Thematic Area


Geographical area of work

Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya

Existing Investors

Grant from Ashoka, Akamai
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Neelkanth Mishra

Neelkanth Mishra

Neelkanth is linking fragmented components, farmer groups, government schemes, fishery research institutes and the market to unleash the full potential of the fish and water plant farming industry. Neelkanth is building the inland fisheries industry in India, run and owned by landless and marginal farmers. A policy analyst by academics, he Is working In fresh water fisheries sector for last 15 years with diverse groups and organization.

Neelkanth Mishra
Kavita Gandhi

Kavita Gandhi

An environmental science graduate from Yale university, USA; Kavita Is engaged with various social development process with tribal community and women’s group. she has been associated with process to transform gender engagement In market and agriculture value chain development process.

Kavita Gandhi

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