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ConserWater enables every farmer to mitigate and adapt to climate change at scale. Using satellites and highly scalable artificial intelligence technology ConserWater helps farmers of the world adapt to the changes brought about by global warming by optimizing their water/nutrient usage, and enables them to be a part of the solution by vastly simplifying the process of verifying soil carbon sequestration, generating carbon credits. A typical farmer is able to save 30% on water and nutrients using ConserWater, in addition to sequestering nearly 3 tons of CO2 per acre every year, which leads to a significant additional income!

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Geographical area of work

US, India, Israel, Africa, South America, Latin America, Europe.

Existing Investors

SVG Thrive AgriFood
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Aadith Moorthy

Aadith Moorthy

Aadith Moorthy has a BS in Artificial Intelligence and Materials Science from Caltech and an MS from Stanford where he is also a current Knight-Hennessy Scholar, bringing global industry connections. Aadith has also been named a top founder in AI by TechCrunch.

Aadith Moorthy

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