Banks fail to create a credit for 2bn people globally despite their repeatedly proving creditworthiness through informal borrowings. From this insight, we built a custom credit-union as-a-service platform that organizations can use to create a credit for trusted employees, customers, and SMEs. Loans on the Arboreum platform are tranched such that the junior tranche comes from credit-union and senior tranche from investors. To become part of the credit union, at least one member must be willing to put their funds at the most risk for you. We use this input and cashflow history across all credit-union members with AI to intelligently underwrite loans. A highly diversified debt instrument is created using AI to help manage portfolio risk through dynamic allocation.

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Kjetil Larson, Rajesh Singhal
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Gaurav Singhal

Gaurav Singhal

Gaurav is former Lead Data Scientist at UN World Food Programme, where he observed economic resilience through informal credit networks in Subsaharan Africa. Previously, he was a junior fellow at William Davidson Institute and machine-learning engineer at Accenture Technology Labs. He holds MS degrees in CS and economics from University of Michigan.

Gaurav Singhal
Nupur Joshi

Nupur Joshi

Nupur is COO for Arboreum. She has previously worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Co. across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the US. She holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a BTech from IIT Bombay. She is passionate about business for societal impact.

Nupur Joshi

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